At V/Line, safety is our number one priority.
We focus all our efforts on keeping our customers and staff safe and secure.

Our commitment to safety relies on everyone in the community being alert and aware near railway tracks. Trains are heavy and fast moving, so please take extra care near tracks, on platforms and at level crossings.

If you take risks, it could cost more than you think.

Level crossing safety

Most people are unaware of the penalties associated with pushing their luck and illegally entering a level crossing while warning signals are flashing and sounding or a train is visible. They are substantial.
As a driver, you can be fined $758 and four demerit points. Depending on how many points you have, this could mean you lose your licence.
Pedestrians can be fined up to $379. So don't waste your hard earned cash, be aware and alert around level crossings and tracks. Take off those headphones and listen for approaching trains.
Of course, the maximum penalty can be catastrophic. You are putting your life and those around you at risk if you disobey the rules. Between you and a train, you will come off second best.