Each V/Line service is equipped with facilities to make your journey comfortable.


FamilyAs with any mode of public transport, the demand for seats will vary from service to service and from day to day. With a turn up and travel service like V/Line, there will be trains on which every seat is occupied and you may need to stand, despite our best efforts to provide the maximum capacity during peak periods.

Click here to find out more about the availability of seats on peak trains.


Food and drink

Most trains to and from Albury, Bairnsdale, Swan Hill, Shepparton and Warrnambool have a Café Bar on board. Other services, as well as V/Line coaches, do not have this facility. 

Sometimes we are unable to open the Café Bar in cases of staff illness or because they are required as a conductor on another train.

The following Shepparton trains do not have Café Bar services:
  • 05:15 Shepparton to Southern Cross, Monday to Friday
  • 16:06 Shepparton to Southern Cross, Monday to Friday
  • 12:52 Southern Cross to Shepparton, Monday to Friday.
Your conductor will let you know when the Café Bar is open for you to buy snacks, hot beverages and soft drinks.

EFTPOS, Mastercard and Visa facilities are available.

V denotes vegetarian option and GF denotes gluten free


Hot dog and drink deal for seven dollars
  • Beef pie - $4.50
  • Curry vegetable pie (V, GF) - $4.50
  • Meet and vegetable pie - $4.50
  • Vegetable pastie (V) - $4.50
  • Sausage roll - $4.50
  • Cheese and spinach roll (V) - $4.50
  • Hot dog - $5.00
  • Hot chicken roll - $6.00


  • Chicken schnitzel and sweet chilli sandwich - $6.00
  • Chicken and basil pesto sandwich - $6.00
  • Ham and cheese sandwich - $6.00
  • Egg and chive on rye sandwich (V) - $6.00
  • Roast beef, cheese and relish sandwich - $6.00
  • Red Leicester with tasty cheddar sandwich (V) - $6.00
  • Kansas BBQ pulled pork wrap - $6.00
  • Mexican 3 bean and sweet potato wrap (V) - $6.00


Complete breakfast pack - seven dollars fifty
  • Complete breakfast past - $7.50
  • Egg, bacon and cheese roll - $5.00
  • Croissant (ham and cheese) - $5.00
  • Omelette bites (GF) - $3.9


  • Tomato sauce portion - $0.30
  • BBQ sauce portion - $0.30
  • Mustard sauce - $0.30


Muffin or baked bread or slice and hot drink meal - five dollars ninety
  • Assorted cookies - $2.80
  • Banana Bread (assorted) - $3.00
  • Assorted sweet muffins - $3.00
  • Assorted slices - $3.00


  • Passionfruit & Raspberry Yoghurt - $2.00
  • Wild Berry & Mango Yoghurt - $2.00
  • Cheese & Biscuits - $4.00


  • Tea / Herbal Tea - $3.00
  • Cappuccino / Latte / Flat White - $3.50
  • Long / Short Black - $3.50
  • Hot Chocolate - $3.50


  • Coke varieties 390ml - $3.00
  • Spring Water 600ml - $3.00
  • Fuze Tea varieties 350ml - $3.00
  • Fruit Juice varieties 500ml - $3.80
  • Iced Coffee Milk 500ml - $3.80
  • Iced Chocolate Milk 500ml - $3.80


  • Tissues - Pocket pack - $2.00
  • Panadol - $5.00
  • Ball point pen - 4 colour - $4.00


  • Beef pie or curry vegetable pie and drink (390ml Coke variety or 600ml water) - $6.80
  • Roast chicken roll and drink (390ml Coke variety or 600ml water)  - $8.10
  • Choice of sandwich or wrap and drink (500ml flavoured milk or 500ml fruit juice) - $8.80
  • Sausage roll or cheese and spinach roll and drink (390ml Coke variety or 600ml water) - $6.80
  • Hot dog and drink (390ml Coke variety or 600ml water) - $7.20
  • Pastie and drink (390ml Coke variety or 600ml water) - $6.80

HOT DRINK DEALS (with coffee, hot chocolate or tea)

  • Muffin or slice and hot drink - $5.90 (tea for $5.40)
  • Cookie and hot drink - $5.70 (tea for $5.20)
  • Omelette bites and hot drink - $5.90 (tea for $5.40)
  • Ham and cheese croissant and hot drink - $7.70 (tea for $7.20)
  • Egg, bacon and cheese roll and hot drink - $7.70 (tea for $7.20)

Bring your own

You're welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board, but please be mindful of other customers by avoiding strong smelling food and ensuring drinks have a lid. All drink containters must have a secure, fastening or spill-proof lid. 

On V/Line coaches

Cold packaged foods can be consumed on V/Line coach services. Hot food or drink cannot be brought on board V/Line coach services. All drink containers must have a secure, screw-top, fastening or spill-proof lid.


Alcohol is not served and customers are not permitted to drink it on board any V/Line services.

Quiet carriages

A quiet carriage is a dedicated zone on our trains for customers who want to travel in peace and quiet. 

After a successful trial in 2013, quiet carriages have been rolled out across the VLocity fleet.

Quiet Carriage Diagram
Customers are asked to turn down electronic devices, switch mobile phones to silent and speak quietly.

Please note that using headphones or earphones may not prevent other customers hearing very loud music, so it’s a good idea to check if people around you can also hear your music.
Help keep the peace
The quiet carriage is a customer-driven and customer-regulated initiative. V/Line staff do not enforce quiet carriage courtesy.

Travelling with children

Prams and strollers

Prams, pushers and strollers can be taken on V/Line train services if there is room on board. On busy services you may be required to fold up your pram and store it in the appropriate area.

Please ask the conductor if you need assistance with storing your pram.

Baby change facilities

Our VLocity trains have toilets that are equipped with baby change facilities, however, our older locomotive carriages and Sprinter trains do not have these facilities.

Baby change facilities are also available at Southern Cross Station. 

Find out about our Family Traveller ticket option.

Unaccompanied children

On V/Line services, children under 10 years old cannot travel alone. They must travel with a responsible person, except when travelling with other children to and from school.

In circumstances where a child under 10 years of age is found travelling alone, V/Line staff or coach drivers will escort
the child to the next staffed V/Line station and transfer them to station staff who will contact the police to have the child returned to their parent or guardian.

Children aged 10 – 15 years may travel alone on V/Line services but the sole responsibility for the safety of the child remains with the parent or guardian who has care of the child.