Bicycles on trains

Bicycles can be carried on V/Line trains, if there is space available.

Space is generally available on reserved, locomotive-hauled services to and from Albury, Bairnsdale, Shepparton, Swan Hill or Warrnambool.

Space is limited on Sprinter and VLocity trains to and from Ararat, Ballarat, Bendigo, Echuca, Geelong, Maryborough, Seymour and Traralgon.

V/Line conductors will determine whether there is enough space for bicycles to be carried safely  on each service.

Bicycles must not obstruct passageways or doorways and must not inconvenience other customers. 

Parkiteer cages are available at some V/Line stations as an alternative to travelling with a bicycle.

If there is not enough space on a service to carry a bike,  customers may have to catch the next train. 

Customers with bicycles are strongly advised to travel at off-peak times and avoid weekday services arriving in Melbourne between 7am and 9:30am or departing Melbourne between 4pm and 7pm. 

Bicycle group travel

Large groups wishing to travel to and from regional Victoria with their bicycles will need to make alternative arrangements to transport their bikes.
V/Line’s two goods vans used to transport large groups of bikes have been retired from service. These vans were built in the 1950s and have reached an age and condition where they are no longer fit for purpose. 
To enquire about group travel, please call (03) 9619 2338.

Folding bicycles

Folding bicycles can be carried free on V/Line trains and coaches as long as they:
  • do not exceed the dimensions of 82cm long x 69cm high x 39cm wide
  • have wheel rims no more than 20 inches (51 cm) in diameter
  • can be folded up and stored inside a bag or cover before boarding.
Folding bicycles cannot be stored in overhead luggage racks.

Bicycle cages

Bicycle cages have been installed at a number of V/Line stations. 

You can obtain a parking place in a bicycle cage by paying a refundable deposit for a swipe card that provides access to the cage. For more information on bicycle cage locations and use, contact Bicycle Network Victoria on 1800 639 634 or visit

V/Line and Bicycle Network Victoria are not liable for any loss or damage to items stored in bicycle cages. 

Bicycles on coaches

On scheduled coaches

Bicycles can be carried for free on the following V/Line scheduled coach services, if there is space available.  They will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis only.
  • Beechworth - Wangaratta
  • Bright - Wangaratta
  • Corowa/Rutherglen - Wangaratta
  • Mulwala/Yarrawonga - Benalla
  • Wangaratta - Bendigo
Bicycles are not permitted on any other timetabled V/Line coach services, with the exception of folding bicycles.

Customers must load and unload their bicycles onto the coach. Bicycles are carried at the owner’s risk. 

On train replacement services

Sometimes it is necessary to replace trains with coaches.

Bicycles can be carried on replacement coaches subject to space in the luggage area and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Customers must load and unload their bicycle onto the coach and they are carried at the owner’s risk. 



To ensure the safety of all staff and customers please make sure you follow the rules around luggage on our services.

The total luggage limit for all V/Line services is 30 kilograms.

Customers can carry two items of luggage, with no one item weighing more than 20 kilograms, as well as one piece of hand luggage.

The carriage of luggage and personal belongings remains the responsibility of the owner at all times. V/Line recommends you keep belongings within eyesight and check that you have everything before leaving a train or coach service.

Luggage can be stowed in designated areas on each train. Here are some guides to the luggage areas on each type of train in the V/Line fleet.

V/Line staff will only handle luggage which has been checked in and weighed by station staff at least 30 minutes before the departure of your service.

Customers who need special assistance with their luggage but are not travelling on a service where checked luggage is available can ask staff for help.

Please consider our staff and ensure your luggage weighs less than 20 kilograms if you need help to take it onboard the train.

Our staff will assess any luggage they are asked to assist with and may not be able to help if they estimate it weighs more than 20 kilograms.

Prams, pushers, strollers, children's car seats, wheelchairs and small items of sporting and camping equipment can also be carried as luggage.

Surfboards can be carried for free on V/Line trains if there is space available. Surfboards and boogie boards may be carried on coach services along coastal routes, also subject to available space. Surf skis, sailboards, canoes and similar items will not be carried as luggage.  

Checked luggage

A checked luggage service is available on locomotive-hauled train services on the Albury, Bairnsdale, Shepparton, Swan Hill and Warrnambool lines.

Luggage must be checked in at least 30 minutes before departure. All items must be properly labelled or they will not be accepted.

V/Line staff will only handle luggage which has been checked in and weighed by station staff at least 30 minutes before the departure of your service and weighs less than 20 kilograms.

Luggage on coaches

When travelling on V/Line coach services, all luggage must be stored in the luggage compartment, with the exception of one small bag. This can be a backpack, laptop bag, briefcase or handbag with dimensions less than 40x35x15cm per customer.

Diagram of Coach Luggage specifications. 40cm x 15cm x 35cm.

Detailed information about luggage on V/Line services can be found on the Public Transport Victoria website.

Luggage on Great Southern Rail

For passengers planning to travel with more than two bags over 20kgs, or with any one luggage item that is larger than 105 cm/41 inches (total linear measurement) must contact The Overland at 1800 703 357 prior to the day of departure to pre-book luggage space. Charges may apply.
Full timetable and terms and conditions are available by visiting the Great Southern Rail website.


Guide dogs, guide dogs in training, hearing guide dogs and animals identified by an Assistance Animals Pass are permitted to travel on all public transport services in Victoria.

Small animals (including cats and dogs) are permitted to travel on all V/Line train services, but they must be carried in a suitable container that meets the following guidelines:
  • provides sufficient space for the animal to move around
  • provides suitable ventilation for the animal
  • can be easily accessed during the journey to provide any food or water to the animal  
  • is clean  
  • secure to contain the animal for the duration of the journey.
Suitable containers must be stored in the assigned storage locations on board each train and are not allowed on seats or to block doorways or passageways.

It is recommended that customers carrying animals travel during off-peak periods. 

Owners must clean up any mess created by their animals. 

Animals (other than the approved Assistance Animals listed above) are not permitted to travel on V/Line coach services.

Assistance animals

Animals identified on an Assistance Animal Pass can travel on all Victorian public transport services.

More information about assistance animals can be found on the Public Transport Victoria website.