Group Travel eligibility

  • Group Travel is subject to availability with group sizes limited to ensure the safety and comfort of all customers.
    • Groups generally cannot travel on weekday peak services.
    • If we can't accommodate your group on your preferred service then we may split your group or suggest alternative services.
    • V/Line does not charter or supply additional coaches for groups.
  • All group members must travel together, boarding and alighting at the same locations.
  • Group travel isn't always possible during busy periods such as sporting events, school holidays, seniors week, public holidays and special events.
  • There may be times where we are not able to cater for the booking and will advise you of any available travel alternatives.
  • If your group is travelling as part of a DOXA Youth Program, please contact DOXA Youth Foundation in the first instance. Find out more about DOXA camps here

Victorian Early Schooling Groups

V/Line provides Victorian preschool, kindergarten or primary school groups with free travel across the entire regional train and coach network when they meet the Group Travel eligibility.