Just east of Wangaratta, the natural wonders Beechworth are celebrated throughout the town.

The Beechworth Fairy Tree, a beautiful Coast Redwood, is located at Beechworth Primary School and was most likely in place when the school was erected in 1875. This tree has now become a local treasure.

Gold rush history comes alive in Beechworth. Gold Panning is an activity still enjoyed by the townsfolk and local operators will be more than happy to assist you try your luck!

For the animal lover, be sure to pack your camera and keep an eye out for the native Tawny Frogmouth, possums and kangaroos.

Beechworth, Victoria, 3747

Getting there

Closest station/stop

The journey to Beechworth takes almost 4 hours from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. You can catch a V/Line train to Wangaratta Station, where a V/Line bus connects to Beechworth.

Tip: Travelling on V/Line during off-peak times is more convenient and cheaper!