V/Line trains have heat speed restrictions when the temperature hits 36 degrees.
The weather is starting to heat up and when the temperature hits 36 degrees, V/Line trains slow down because steel tracks expand in the heat.

On these hot days, trains that travel up to 160km/h need to slow down to 90km/h or less.

Keep an eye on weather forecasts and allow extra time for your journey when it’s hot, as trains may be delayed or replaced by coaches.

V/Line’s Asset Management team has been working hard through the Spring to ensure the tracks are in good condition to minimise disruptions but trains will still need to slow down when it is hot.

Please take care in the heat, water fountains are located on board each train and our staff are there to help if you need assistance.

On hot days remember to bring a water bottle with you when you travel, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and where possible find a shady spot to wait for your service. 

For updates about services on days where heat speed restrictions are in place: