Wall to Wall Festival

05 Apr - 07 Apr 2019
Wall to Wall Festival

Artist: 23rd KEY / Image credit: Benalla Street Art 

Wall to Wall Festival is run by Benalla Street Art, a small group of like-minded art loving locals from Benalla, a small rural city of 14,000 located 2 hours north of Melbourne on the Broken River in the High Country of NE Victoria.

Wall to Wall has been running since 2015 and see’s international street artists converge on the small town to paint outdoor murals. The town now boasts over 50 murals, which can be all be viewed via an hour long walk around town. This makes it one of the most densely populated street galleries in Australia.

55 Nunn St, Benalla, Victoria, 3672
Admission price

Benalla Street Art Walking Tour

Ticket price: $30 

For more details visit the website

Getting there

Train line
Closest station/stop

Benalla is approximately two and half hours by train from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. V/Line also offers bus services linking Benalla with other towns around Victoria.

Tip: Travelling on V/Line during off-peak times is more convenient and cheaper!